Abbey Streets

This picture was submitted to A Year in the Life of Faversham by Mike Roberts and shared on Twitter.

10th July 2017 – The Victorian end of Abbey Street – By Mike Roberts @miketoons

@bobblebardsley responded:

I live on Abbey Street in Leigh, near Wigan, and can confirm it’s much less photogenic than this!

So we asked @bobblebardsley to send evidence, and here it is!

@bobblebardsley: The charming and picturesque Abbey Street, Leigh (the one near Wigan, not the posh one down south…!)

Abbey Street in Leigh, near Wigan – By Bobble Bardsley‏ @bobblebardsley

Launching a conversation….

@miketoons: Interesting response ! Let’s ‘twin’ ! Those Abbey Street, Leigh houses are probably much more affordable than Abbey Street, Faversham !

@bobblebardsley: Ready for this…? £45,000 if they need a refurb, £65,000 ready to move in without doing anything. 2-bed mid-terrace with back yard.

@miketoons: Boom! £250K to £400K in the Victorian part of Abbey Street. £500K and upwards in the Medieval half-timbered part (opp direction to my photo)

@bobblebardsley: These were built around 1877 and the closest to half-timbered are the ones where the kitchen is in a wooden lean-to extension at the back.

@miketoons: My aunt lived in mid-terrace 2 up 2 down like those in Preston. Had lean-to kitchen & outside lav. But she had a telly! Watched Bill & Ben!

@bobblebardsley: We’ve got indoor bathrooms now although the plumbing for the hosepipe is suspiciously well plumbed.

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