About Us

Kent Creative (Kent Creative Arts CIC) is an independent cultural organisation based in Faversham, Kent, UK. We encourage, promote and celebrate arts and culture in Kent

Kent Creative is 10 this year!

Kent Creative direct its efforts through the following projects, building a thriving community for creative people in Kent:

Project 365 - A community photography project.

A community photography project

Kent Creative Connect

Connecting with other creatives

Kent Creative Show - A radio show about Arts and Culture in Kent

A podcast about Arts and Culture

Kent Creative Finder - A directory to explore Arts and Culture in Kent

Online platform to explore Arts and Culture

Kent Creative Awards - A celebration of the Arts and Culture in Kent

A celebration of Arts and Culture

Our Vision is of a society that values creativity, arts and culture and actively enables and celebrates their contribution to our well-being and economy.
Our Mission is to encourage and promote arts and culture in Kent, maximising their impact on the community through fruitful connections.

*** Read TESTIMONIALS and see what impact Kent Creative has been having on creatives.***

Our Patrons

  • Amicia de Moubray
  • Lady Moira Swire
  • Bill Croydon, CBE

A big thank you to them for their continuous support on behalf of everyone involved in our activities.

Picture: Studio4186 / Kevin RalphNathalie Banaigs – Founder and Director 

French-born, Nathalie has 28 years experience in project management in the media, arts and culture industry. She first pursued a career in television in France and in the UK before dedicating her focus on the wider creative community in Kent. 

She has been living in the UK since 2000, is bi-lingual, and is now Faversham based where she founded Kent Creative in 2009, with a track record in project and programme design, facilitation and delivery.  She set it up as a Community Interest Company, an appropriate and useful model that fitted her values and social purposes.

Nathalie believes that creativity, arts and culture matter in society. They offer opportunities that contribute positively to our individual and community quality of life. Nathalie is keen to encourage engagement with the arts and culture, and to promote individuals and organisations contributing to the cultural life of Kent.  She is also a practicing artist.

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