About Us

Kent Creative (Kent Creative Arts Community Interest Company) is a not-for-profit organisation based in Faversham, Kent, UK.

We help promote the work of creative individuals and cultural organisations of Kent.
We want more of us to recognize and realise the full potential of arts & culture in Kent.

Our Vision is of a society that values creativity, arts and culture and actively enables and celebrates their contribution to our well-being and economy.
Our Mission is to encourage, promote and reward creativity, support professional development and maximise the impact of the arts and culture on the wider community of Kent.

We believe that arts and culture contribute to people’s individual well-being and community harmony. They:

  • enrich people’s lives
  • entertain 
  • inspire
  • reinforce community feelings;
  • stimulate a positive local economic impact 

Picture: Studio4186 / Kevin Ralph

Kent Creative is run by one-woman-band Nathalie Banaigs 

French-born, Nathalie has over 25 years’ experience in project management in the media, arts and culture industry. She first pursued a career in television in France and in the UK before dedicating her focus on the wider creative community in Kent.

She has been living in the UK since 2000, is bi-lingual, and is now Faversham based where she founded Kent Creative in 2009, with a track record in project and programme design, facilitation and delivery.  She set it up as a Community Interest Company, an appropriate and useful model that fitted her values and social purposes.

Nathalie believes that creativity, arts and culture matter in society. They offer opportunities that contribute positively to our individual and community quality of life. Nathalie is keen to encourage engagement with the arts and culture, and to promote individuals and organisations contributing to the cultural life of Kent.  

She believes that helping to bring out the best in others, working with them and supporting them, will help achieve positive change.  She says: “For me, life is about people. It is crucial to connect and engage with others. People make things happen.”


” I am driven by:
. the desire to work towards positive change in the creative community;
. the desire to support entrepreneurial trends amongst creatives and help them realise their full potential;
. the belief that the value of creativity, arts and culture in Kent should be more widely recognized for their contribution to our well-being and economy;
. the belief that arts and culture should be taken more seriously by businesses. Culture does raise the profile of the county. The Canterbury Festival, Turner Contemporary and Broadstairs Folk Week, to name just three, have successfully helped to establish Kent as a destination for culture, energizing local economy.”

Here she talks about other  motivations.

“My mother, Colette, now elderly and unwell, was an artist, art teacher and museum curator. My father, Jean, was a scientist with a strong interest in culture. They both had a huge influence on me, in many ways, leading me to believe that arts and culture are deeply rooted in our society and in every day life. They are a crucial part of our identity.  The education my parents provided me with generated a strong desire to surround myself with culture. 

Kent Creative is what it is today because of two golden moments I experienced since I have been living in England:

Golden Moment 1: A networking event when a life coach asked everyone to think of their  ‘Golden Moment’ in their professional lives. At that time, I had just completed A Year in the Life of Faversham in 2008 and was still recovering from the sheer joy I felt when the show first opened. The level of satisfaction triggered by its success made it jump up in my mind and I identified the preview evening as my golden moment. The life coach then suggested that we worked on re-creating that moment.  Which I did, developing more 365 projects; and I experienced sheer joy again!

Golden Moment 2: A writing course with Crista Cloutier. Crista told us the story of Alfred Nobel (the inventor of dynamite) whose death was announced by mistake, followed by obituaries stating “The merchant of death is dead”.  So he would be remembered for something positive instead, he created the Nobel Prize. To help us write our own story,  Crista asked us to write our own obituary: what would we want people to read in the newspaper after our death? Very revealing! Well, what I do now at Kent Creative is what I wrote in that obituary.

Winner in the Kent Women in Business Awards 2016 – Women in the Arts category.
Runner-Up in the Kent Women in Business Awards 2014 – Contribution to the Community.

Faversham Life – 17th March 2017 – Part of a feature about the Kent Creative Show.

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Kent Creative direct its efforts through the following projects, building a thriving community for creative people in Kent:

Kent Creative Awards - A celebration of the Arts and Culture in Kent

A celebration of Arts and Culture

Kent Creative Connect

Networking group for creatives

Kent Creative Show - A radio show about Arts and Culture in Kent

A radio show about Arts and Culture in Kent

Kent Creative Finder - A directory to explore Arts and Culture in Kent

A directory to explore Arts and Culture in Kent

Project 365 - A community photography project.

A community photography project.

Our Patrons:

  • Amicia de Moubray
  • Lady Moira Swire
  • Bill Croydon, CBE

A big thank you to them for their continuous support on behalf of everyone involved in our activities.