Faversham Autumnfest


A small festival celebrating arts and culture in the market town of Faversham in Kent.
It aims not only to highlight the town’s cultural scene and creative talent but also to bring the best possible events for the benefit of the local community.

Faversham Autumnfest encourages the public to explore the arts, fuels their interest in culture and heritage and inspire them to get involved with the arts.
It will encompasse a range of genres and features a mixed program that includes magic, music, film, fine art, photography, history, etc from acclaimed artists and performers.
It will take place in venues throughout the town over a period of one week in November to make the most of the miserable weather and lift the spirits before the winter.


The programme so far includes:

Magic Dinner & show with Etienne Pradier

  • A magical dinner followed by a show with acclaimed Magician Etienne Pradier.


  • TBC

In-Situ Exhibition

  • An art exhibition where everything is in situ, in a gallery transformed into a living space.

Portraits of Faversham

  • A photo exhibition of people of Faversham.

Guided history walk

  • A walk in Faversham town centre learning about its architecture and heritage.

Magic Workshop

  • A workshop aimed at 10 to 15 year olds, led by Etienne Pradier and Josh King.

Art talks

  • The Beatles Story with Mark Lewisohn, the world’s leading authority on the music and history of The Beatles.
  • Debate about contemporary art

An Afternoon of Silent Cinema with Live Piano

  • A wonderful afternoon of early cinema and music with internationally acclaimed Silent Film Pianist, Stephen Horne


More details coming soon…