Become a sponsor of the Kent Creative Awards

Just like last year for the 2016 edition, we are committed to making the Kent Creative Awards a great success. We are also committed to creating and maintaining win–win partnerships with local businesses.

“Ashford School is once again delighted to be the main sponsor of the Kent Creative Arts Awards. As a celebration of the creativity and culture of the Garden of England and a reflection of our exceptionally creative pupils, we hope our partnership with the Kent Creative Arts Awards will inspire, motivate and encourage artistic excellence. ”

Mike Buchanan – Head of Ashford School


Sponsoring the Kent Creative Awards you will create connections with businesses and individuals involved in the creative sector in Kent (designers, web designers, photographers, artists, theatres, art venues, arts organisatons, etc…) and also with the wider business community (partners, clients, sponsors, patrons etc…).

We offer a number of sponsorship opportunities with benefits including:

  • Actively engage with the entrants, finalists, audience, other sponsors
  • Develop Business to Business relationships
  • Boost your social media presence and engagement
  • Generate awareness and visibility of your business
  • Increase brand loyalty
  • Promote your services and products to creative professionals in Kent
  • Elevate the status of your brand and your company (without advertising).
  • Capture information for your own database

You benefit from these not only during the ceremony itself but very much during the promotion and submission processes, that cover several months. We are keen to grow long term relationships,  stay connected and work together all year long through joint promotion. 

Sponsorship costs range from £50 to £3,000:


Want to get involved?

To discuss the details of our sponsorship proposal and to secure your place as a sponsor, please contact Nathalie Banaigs at Kent Creative

  • Phone: 079 6646 2522
  • Email: studio[at]kentcreativearts[dot]co[dot]uk
  • Skype: nathalie.banaigs

***The sooner an agreement is in place, the longer your exposure will be.***

● 31st March 2017: deadline for sponsorship
● 30th April 2017: deadline for supplying products and flyers for the goodie bags