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Ashford School is one of the UK’s leading coeducational, independent schools and was voted Independent School of the Year 2010/11.  The School was endorsed as outstandingly successful in every category during the most recent inspection in 2014.

Through its adventurous approach to learning its aim is to ensure children are ambitious, articulate and confident, with excellent social skills and a secure moral framework and, at the end of their time, gain a place at the school, university or college of their choice.

Head of Ashford School and member of the jury Mike Buchanan explains why Ashford has been sponsoring the event:

We, at Ashford School, are sponsoring the Kent Creative Awards because creativity and artistic endeavour are at the heart of what we believe are vital for all young people to explore; because these experiences are transformative involving, as they do, a deep personal enlightenment on the part of the young person, a greater understanding of who they are and how they fit into the world; and because the arts are being increasingly squeezed out of some schools.
Participation in and appreciation of drama, music and art are amongst the most powerfully transformative experiences you can have because they require you to express yourself.

I heartily congratulate all those who were brave enough to put themselves forward to be judged. There were many imaginative, exciting and, above all, creative entries.
I am sure the creative life and juices of Kent will grow and flourish as a result of these Awards.


After the ceremony, Mike Buchanan added:

We were pleased to be present at the Kent Creative Awards recognising the many talented, creative people of Kent. The delight of the winners and positive response of their peers should, I hope, encourage many more entrants next year.


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The Federation of Small Businesses is the UK’s largest campaigning pressure group promoting and protecting the interests of the self-employed and small business owners. The Kent & Medway Region is structured differently than other regions as it has adopted a team of ten Members. These Members are elected annually by the Kent & Medway Membership and each have a different role to promote business opportunities, equality, policy, local advocacy, events, training and engagement with stakeholders.

FSB Kent and Medway regional chairman Bill Fox says: ” The Federation of Small Businesses, the UK’s leading business organisation, focuses on supporting the self-employed and small businesses across the UK. With the launch of the Kent Creative Awards, the FSB have taken the opportunity to support the creative sector in Kent and Medway, and we hope that this event will make a significant contribution to the creative businesses in our region.

Deborah Turner, FSB Kent & Medway, says: “I was astounded by the quality and diversity of the entries. Kent has a wealth of creative talent and it is excellent that Kent Creative Live have created a platform to celebrate that fact. Nathalie Banaigs has created an arena for this vibrant community to come together, work together and celebrate together.

Visit the FSB Kent & Medway website.

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Shepherd Neame is Britain’s Oldest Brewer, based in Faversham, Kent, since 1698. It is a family business with strong family engagement and a balance of Neame family members and non-family members on the Board of Directors.

The Whitstable Bay Collection is named after the traditional fishing village of Whitstable; renowned for its annual Oyster Festival, village life and unique beaches..

Shepherd Neame chief executive Jonathan Neame says: “We are delighted to sponsor the Cultural Venue of The Year category in the first Kent Creative Awards. Arts and culture contribute hugely to our community and economy, and here in Kent we have a particularly strong creative sector. These awards are a fantastic way of celebrating those talented individuals who help maintain and develop our county’s cultural success.”

Moray Neame, Communications Executive at Shepherd Neame Ltd, says: “Shepherd Neame and the Whitstable Bay brand were delighted to be among the sponsors of the first Kent Creative Art Awards. It was a great pleasure to see the depth and quality of the art work that is being created in Kent and the variety of forms that were represented. The winners and nominees were truly deserved and we’d like to extend our congratulations to all those involved, particularly Nathalie’s efforts to ensure that the process was so successful. We hope that the event will run for many years to come.

Visit the Shepherd Neame website and learn more about Whitstable Bay Ale.

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The digital agency getting creatives onto the best online platforms to publish amazing content, sell their work and measure performance. Websites, Social Media, Newsletters, Google Analytics, and SEO. All with a sprinkle of special sauce. Whatever your budget, come and have a chat.

Sian Murphy, Stormchasers Digital, says: “Artists and creatives make our world a better place and Kent Creative Arts guides them to the resources they need to carry on doing what they do. The Kent Creative Awards gave much needed recognition but what I absolutely love about this organisation is how no-one has defined ‘art’ or ‘creativity’ – if you feel creative, want to be creative, or simply mingle with creative people then you’re welcomed into this community. Whoever you are, whatever your background, it can be the start of a brand new journey.

Visit the Stormchasers website.


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Creative design agency based in Maidstone.