Kent Creative Awards Partnership

The Kent Creative Awards are seeking to create long-lasting partnerships with businesses that recognise the benefits of true sponsorship and are keen to support the creative arts: partnerships that not only assist companies in growing their own profile and brand, but also enhance the Awards themselves.

By partnering with the Kent Creative Awards 2018 your company will connect with businesses and individuals involved in Kent’s creative sector (designers, web designers, photographers, artists, theatres, art venues, arts organisations, etc.) and with the wider business community (business owners, partners, clients, sponsors, patrons etc.).

The Kent Creative Awards works closely with its Partners throughout the year and is happy to discuss ways in which it can customise sponsorship to meet your company’s aims/ethos.

“It was a delight to be able to host the Kent Creative Awards and to see how much the recognition of their achievements means to the award winners and all of those present. “The Kent Creative Awards are now a permanent fixture and are a great impetus for creative entrepreneurs and social enterprises. With the creative industries in the UK adding £10m every hour to the UK economy, it’s no wonder we, at Ashford School, see them as a vital part of childrens’ futures”

Mike Buchanan – Head of Ashford School


“The first thing to say about being a sponsor for the Kent Creative Awards is how much fun it was. Such a lovely supportive, engaging and substantial group of creatives and Kent Creative has galvanised them into a real force in Kent.

As for tangible results, Nathalie understands that sponsors need more than having a logo displayed somewhere.

Aside from positioning we have got solid leads, and new premium clients as a direct result of our sponsorship which means it has more than paid for itself just in terms of covering the outlay – not too mention all of the less tangible benefits such as exposure, reach and positioning.

We are proud to be sponsors of the Kent Creative Awards and look forward to another successful partnership for the coming year.”

Sian Murphy – Stormchasers Digital & host of The Women In Business Radio Show.


Want to find out more and get involved?

To discuss and secure your place as a partner, please contact Nathalie Banaigs at Kent Creative
Phone: 01795 394509 – 079 6646 2522
Email: nathalie[at]kentcreativearts[dot]co[dot]uk
Skype: nathalie.banaigs


The sooner your partnership is in place, the greater the return on investment will be.



  • 31st March 2018: deadline for partnership agreement
  • 30th April 2018 : deadline for supplying products and flyers for the goodie bags