Project 365

Project 365 is a community photography project designed to record a year in the life of a town or place through 365 photographs, one for each day of the year, taken by the residents. The project shows the different views, styles and feelings that each photographer brings in, with photographs featuring people, events, places etc... that are around them. The project captures hidden scenes too, the activities that not everyone notices or gets a chance to see, creating a diary for today and a record for the future. A Year in the Life is meant to motivate people to get involved with something they are passionate about: the area they live in.

So far….

Faversham 2008

Faversham 2010

Faversham 2012 |  Canterbury 2012   Sheppey 2012

Whitstable 2014

The Legacy:

Lisacul (Ireland) 2016

Our goals are to:

  • get participants and town residents to gain a sense of community, and a sense of place;
  • give an opportunity to town residents to express what is important to them;
  • bring people and communities together;
  • encourage participation in civic life;
  • make people feel better about where they live;
  • get residents to learn more about where they live;
  • increase people’s participation in photography and the arts;
  • help people improve their photographic skills;
  • raise awareness of local artistic talent;
  • give an opportunity to photographers to showcase their work and get published;
  • attract a wide and varied audience;
  • motivate visitors to explore the region;
  • keep a historical, social and cultural record of life in each area.

What the the projects include:

  • an exhibition displaying 365 photographs of the year;
  • and/or a book, also featuring all 365 photographs of that year.

Supporting the Project 365

The 365 projects are giving pleasure to local residents, both participating photographers and audiences. It motivates them to make use of their camera, enables them to engage with their community and even renews interest and pride in the area in which they live.

It is our commitment to make sure that the exhibitions and books are put in place in such a way that everyone feels part of the best event possible and we want to involve local businesses in this process so they actively benefit from the connection to a wide local audience.

To discuss how to get involved, contact us.


Well done you for an imaginative way of involving the people of our part of Kent in recording their lives past and present. Congratulations on your success.” | Lady Moira Swire

Against all the stresses, strains and burdens of modern life, here is an initiative that focuses on all the good things in the town. (…) Recognition produces feel-good factors and, undoubtedly, fosters loyalty and respect for the town and its people.
I urge you strongly to grasp this opportunity to participate in and to contribute to a project which, as far as I am aware, has been an outstanding success everywhere else it has been held. Don’t spoil the ship for a hap’th of tar! It’s a great community initiative, which can only be good for the town, its businesses and its people. Go for it!” | Bill Croydon, CBE