Faversham 2021 – Jury

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Respected professionals drawn from the creative community, jury members will score submitted photographs and poems. Their average scores will lead to the final works being selected.

We understand that evaluation of any creative work  involves much subjectivity and jury members will be guided by their own emotions and centres of interest. However, they will follow a selection of criteria including:

  • Artistic quality. Does the image/poem create an impact?
  • Story telling. How strongly is a story being told in the image/poem?
  • Originality. How the photographer’ style shows in the image, or the poet’s style in the poem.
  • Creativity. How imaginative is an image/poem? How is an idea conveyed ?
  • Technique. Do the composition, colour balance, focus, lighting etc… bring harmony in the picture?
  • Interest for historical/archiving purposes. In many years in the future, people will look back on the project as a record of life. Is the image of interest for posterity ? 
  • etc…