Folkestone 2020 – Partners

Edge Bespoke Picture Framing

A friendly, professional picture framing service based in Hythe, Kent.

They’re passionate about presenting and bringing out the best in your artwork, photography, textiles, collections and treasured possessions, anything you would like framed; but more than that they want you to really enjoy your involvement in making them look great.

Whether you’re designing an interior, preparing for exhibition or just not sure how you would like to see something framed they’re here to help. It will be transformed into something really special, and can be preserved for the future.


Folkestone Camera Club

Do you have a passion for all things photographic?

It doesn’t matter if you use a high end camera or fantastic phone camera, Folkestone Camera Club provides an opportunity to improve your photographic skills and knowledge.

We run ‘learn more’ educational evenings to help you to develop new skills and a ‘meet up’ programme to share your knowledge with other people, like you, who are also keen to learn more about photography. Our members have varying levels of expertise but the one thing we all have in common is the need to continue learning and the willingness to help each other. There is always something new to learn in the world of photography.

Many people love to test their photographic skills in friendly competitions. Our competition nights provide you with a barometer to gauge your skills as a photographer against other members of the club. For our major competitions we invite an external judge to access and comment on our images. Sometimes we like what they say and sometimes we don’t! Come along and judge for yourself.

Our programme, for the new season, can be viewed on our website:

“Folkestone Camera Club members are looking forward to supporting and contributing images to this exciting project. Very impressed with the books we have seen from the previous 365 Projects.

365 opportunities to take an image!  What better way to practice using your camera, one might even be lucky  to be published in the book for the Folkestone 365 Project.”

Melanie Chalk, President of the Folkestone Camera Club