Lisacul 2016

A message from Ireland:

“Thank you all for the chance to introduce ourselves to your website – we may well be the farthest flung outpost of ‘Kent Creative’ being 500 miles away in the north midlands of Ireland, in County Roscommon. We are Matt and Elizabeth Care, residents for 20 years in Whitstable Road, Faversham but now making a smallholding happen out here in Ireland.  

While we were in Faversham we were impressed and inspired by the 365 project led by our good friend Nathalie Banaigs, we loved the exhibition and bought the book but, even more important, value the ‘heritage’ aspects of having that snap-shot of Faversham life on line. Even in this short time since, many of those scenes are now history. My particular interest was the Cambria sailing barge and the boat-building a repairs which used to go on along the creek-side. All gone now. 

Fast forward then, to 2016 and we are putting down roots in the village of Lisacul near the town of Castlerea (pronounce it Castle REE) and Elizabeth takes a job at the ‘village hall’ looking after their on-line stuff, website and social media as well documents, policies, procedures, grant bids and so on. The job description also asks her to think up and execute new ways of promoting the village. What better way, we decided, than to do a 365 project here with pictures taken by as many locals and vistors as we could inspire, in and of the village and the 18 “townlands” (mini parishes) we administer. We were obviously delighted that Nathalie was thrilled by the idea and offered us no end of support and advice as we clicked our shutters through the year from 1st Feb 2016 to 31st Jan 2017 (actually a Leap Year, so we should really have called ours Lisacul 366 !)

Well, we succeeded in all the challenges – we received contributions from over 30 people (total population in the patch is only 700 so we were very pleased with that) and from every townland and we did not miss a single day. The 1000 or so pictures are now to be selected down to the final 366 by members of the village Youth Club as their contribution. We have already hugely improved our exciting new website (www.LisaculInfo.IE) with many posts through the year and with monthly galleries on Flickr (linked from the website) of some of the best pics.

Please do go look and be proud of your ’emigrant’ child of the Kent Creative family. ”


Thank you for your interest

Matt and Elizabeth Care