A Year in the Life of London

Photographic challenge recording the life of London in 365 days from 1st January to 31st December 2019, for a exhibition in 2020.
***This project is not confirmed yet***

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The idea behind this community photography project is to record and showcase a year in the life of London through 365 photographs, one for each day, between 1st January and 31st December 2019. 

  • Participants are encouraged to capture how they live, work and play, events taking place in the city, but also hidden activities that not everyone notices or gets a chance to see. Remember, in many years in the future, people will look back on this record of life. What would you like to tell them?
  • The project is open to all photographers, amateurs and professionals, living or working in London.
  • These will be displayed in an exhibition and published in a book in 2020 (The date and location of the exhibition are not yet decided).

Note: we are currently in the process of raising funds to make this happen and the whole project is subject to the amount of funds that will be raised.



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