The Arts and Wellbeing

We believe the arts offer opportunities that contribute positively to our individual and community quality of life and we value the contribution they make to health and wellbeing. This is about keeping us well but especially helping us through life’s challenges to our physical and emotional wellbeing.

Kent Creative Arts CIC can help to deliver wellbeing outcomes for people of all ages who may experience periods of anxiety, stress, depression or more serious mental health issues. Arts programmes help them build their confidence, lead more stable lives, revive or learn new creative skills. They support and nurture their recovery and can offer a sustained pathway to new opportunities for meaningful recreation or work.

There is an increasing need and role for organisations like us to contribute to arts-related training for those who are much older and may be experiencing dementia. Sensitising ourselves and communities to be more accommodating and inclusive of all people, irrespective of their background and conditions, matters to us.



LAPWING (Live Art Practice Wellbeing Inspired Network Group)
Developing and delivering a training programme that will help skill-up and empower Kent’s professional artists, to build their confidence, capability and capacity  to become more dementia-friendly and mental-health alert. Many of these creatives and artists are part of the ‘Kent Creative‘ network.

Talking Trees
Inter-generational Project with Simon Langston  Girls’ Grammar School and AgeUK Canterbury

And Also

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