Call to Artists and Designers – Trophy Design

Kent Creative  is inviting all artists and designers of Kent to enter a competition for the design of the trophy for the 2017 Kent Creative Awards.

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All design ideas will be reviewed by the Awards Jury panel who will select one. The winning artist will be commissioned to produce 16 trophies, that will be presented to the winners of each of the 16 awards categories during the award ceremony held on Friday 19th May 2017 at Ashford School.


The winning artist will receive a fee and prizes for a total value of £820:

  • a £350 fee to be paid for the commission
  • £350 worth of vouchers from Great Art
  • 2 tickets to the Award ceremony on 19th May 2017 (worth a total value of £120)

… and a fair bit of promotion!

The artist will be able  to use 3D printing from  Equinox 3D Engineering who will provide their services free of charge.
They  3D print in plastic, in single colours, but in some of the examples below you can see how other finishing methods have been used to add colour. They can 3D print from most 3D modelling software files, or they can provide 3D CAD design services from sketches if required.
They also offer 3D scanning where they can take a physical object, for example a clay model, scan it and replicate it in plastic with the 3D printer. It’s possible to scale up and down something that has been scanned to make it larger or smaller. The one model created this way, will then be used to make moulds which will be used to make the final 16 trophies.




  • The design proposal must be in digital form.
  • It must include a short description of what you intend to do and some images to illustrate it.
  • Original designs can be made as drawing, digital animations, photographs… 
  • The trophy’s dimensions (including the base) must fit in a cube shape measuring 30cm x 30cm x 30cm. It doesn’t have to be cubic, but needs to fit in it.
  • Trophies can be all identical or different for each category. 
  • Each trophy (trophy itself or base) must have the following on:
    • Text: “Kent Creative Awards 2017”
    • Text: “In association with Ashford School”
    • Image: Ashford School Logo
    • Image: Kent Creative Logo
      … with one difference for each trophy: the name of the category it is designed for.

See last year trophy as an example:


A few things to keep in mind

  • If you think of making a proposal, we recommend you look through this website, watch the video, last year winners etc… to understand what the Kent Creative Awards are about and design a trophy that will suit the Awards best. 
  • The artist will need to work within the budget when thinking about materials and time…
  • All submitted work must be original, not a copy of something else.
  • The artists retain the copyright of their work
  • The actual trophies produced for the competition will become the property of Kent Creative Arts CIC.

How to submit

  • You can submit up to 5 different designs 
  • Deadline for submissions of design ideas: 28th February 2017 at 5:00pm
  • The submitted designs will be presented to the members of the jury. The applicant names will remain anonymous during the voting process.
  • The winning entry will be announced on 17th March 2017
  • Delivery of the actual trophies: 1st May 2017. This is when the prize and fee will be handed over. 

Download the form HERE and email studio[at]kentcreativearts[dot].co[dot]uk

Should you have any question, do get in touch….