Kent Creative Awards – Making a submission


How to make a submission

Awards are great to promote your work, to get recognition, to boost your confidence and to get work.

The focus in these Awards is not necessarily on the business side of your practice or organisation.  It is about the artistic quality of your work; how you inspire others; your impact on the community; how much work you produce; how often you show it; what feedback you receive from your audience; your plans for the future; etc…. : it is about your journey.
It is not about how much money you earn from it.

Enter the Kent Creative Awards and tell us what you have done in your practice/organisation during 2018 and 2019 …

  • Read the Submission Guidelines
  • The submission is made in 2 stages:
    1- click here to register your interest by completing an online form to provide your details.
    2- you will then receive an email with a link to a short entry form where you can tell us your story. There, you can tell us about you and your work and include information we need from you to understand what you are submitting to the Kent Creative Awards. 
  • In the entry form you will be asked about:
    • your work in general (simply describe what you do in a couple of sentences.)
    • your entry (briefly tell us about the work you have done during 2018 and 2019 and that you are entering in these awards. Describe your overall activity, whether it involved one or several projects / pieces of work. (1500 characters max)
    • additional information (write anything else you like about your motivations, inspirations, how you are planning the future, why you are entering these Awards, etc… or something else you would like to tell the judges. (1500 characters max)) 
    • at least one photo of your work and a portrait of yourself  (or your team)
    • additional documents: 5 images + your logo + links to videos of your work + additional documents to support your submission.
  • The deadline for entering is Saturday 16th August 2019.

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Enjoy the process. Good luck!